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PureBlood Muggle's Fics

Mad Muggle Musings

PureBlood Muggle
7 September 1977
So, this is where I tell all about myself. Shouldn't be so hard, PureBlood Muggle that I am I should be able to fill whole history books of myself and my lineage =P

I'm a busy mum-of-three drabbling in scribbling fan fiction based on the Harry Potter series by the one and only JK Rowling. By no means do I intend to cause offense while taking her characters for a spin or two. They all belong to her only - I'm just borrowing them for some fun =)

My favourite characters are the Weasleys. How could they not be? I'm especially fond of Bill and Charlie, which is why many a fic is/will be about either one or both of them.

I ship almost anything so long it's written in character and with conviction.

I don't usually get squicked easily, but one squick I came across was Snape/Houseelf - it made me want to join S.P.E.W.

Happy reading and I hope you'll bribe my Muse, because - let's face it, my Muse does need a good bribing or she'll stop working. She's a lazy bitch.

Which reminds me - here's a random fact about myself:
I speak 3 languages fluently - German, English & Foul. (especially the latter... I could make Ronald Weasley look like an innocent lamb!)

Fics on here are rated G - NC-17. Please do me and also yourself a favour and do not read any material that is not intended for your age group. If you are 18+ years old, please let me know when friending me and I'll make sure you're able to read all fics on this journal. Failing to do so means NC-17 fics will be locked away from you. Should I find anyone offering the wrong information regarding age, I will have to ban you from my f-list. (that's just my responsible side coming out here)

I think that's it! If you wish to know more about me, feel free to also friend my journal called 'As Told By Me' - my user name there is dragon_animagus.

*hugs & smooches*